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fort tilden, the rockaways

This was a trek from Brooklyn via the MTA on a very hot day. Oh A train, I hate you. The breeze off the water was better than any air conditioner.


This was my first trip to Central America. After Haiti, Nicaragua is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. These are scenes from El Gigante.

In my mind’s eye are tiny beads of sweat, red satellite dishes, corrugated roofs, overcrowded buses, a child asking for a dollar, men trekking to the fields before dawn, and people dodging Managua traffic to get into the factory.

The highlight was the hike up the Punta Gigante to see the sunset over the Pacific.

The ocean, like ice water on skin baked in 90% humidity, was dotted with a few surfers and local fishermen.


Various temptations that I either gawked at or tried.